Posted by: jtccitaly | May 20, 2011

A Taste of Italy

Well, it’s our last full day on American soil! I can hardly believe it. The week has flown by, but before we get on the plane tomorrow, I thought that I would fill you in on our pre-trip class meetings.

We’ve been meeting for three fun filled action packed hours each day this week to learn all about the art, theatre, architecture and cultural history of Italy. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the synergistic teaching this week and I think (I hope) that we’ve managed to give all the travelers some sense of context for the rest of our journey. Beth has packed us full of culture, Diana has filled us up with art and I have attempted to infuse everyone with drama!

Celia said that this week my lectures have been like “theatre on steroids” and Debra commented that she was amazed at how much information I could squeeze into so little time. (While I would like to take that as a reference to my amazing powers of organization, I think what she really meant is that I can talk really really fast.)

Food for thought

Besides the food for thought, we have also been sampling real Italian food every day. We are fortunate enough to be traveling with retired school teacher David Corona, who is an amazing chef. He and Beth have worked together to bring us a literal taste of Italy. Monday we sampled Italian sodas (Limonata and Aranciata), Tuesday brought us peppers and mozzarella (see photo), Wednesday was fagioli )that’s beans in Italian but calling them mere “beans” doesn’t do the dish justice), Thursday we had a lovely assortment of antipasto and today we are having espresso and biscotti. Delicious!

So, we are stuffed full of Italian food and learning and ready to rock and roll our way to Italy! Well kind of. Personally, I’m still trying to figure out what to pack. My bedroom looks like a bomb exploded right now since much of my clothing is draped over bed, dresser, and any other available surface as I try to decide what will stay and what will go. While attempting to pack, I’m also attempting to practice my Italian (Beth has been giving us survival Italian lessons daily) so as I move clothes from pile to pile, I mutter phrases under my breath. My inner and outer dialogue is something like this:

“Mi scusi, dov’e la toilette?” (Excuse me, where is the toilet?)

Can I survive two weeks without my favorite jeans? (Yes, I think so, but I’m still having trouble leaving them. They are currently on top of my suitcase.)

“Non parlo bene Italiano.” (I don’t speak Italian (well)

Do I really need five pairs of shoes? (Well, yes – two pair of walking shoes, my sneakers for running, a pair of heels for the opera and a pair of sandals. Hmmm, maybe the sandals have to go?)

“Vorrei del coniglio. Ben cotta.” (I’d like rabbit. Well done.)

It’s a good thing that my reputation as the somewhat crazy theatre lady is well established so my behavior is basically not that out of the ordinary for me. Otherwise, people might worry.

Well, that’s all for now folks – next you hear from us will probably be in Italy!




  1. Hi, love the info

    • Thanks monkey boy. Keep following along! Keep daddy out of trouble while I’m in Italy and take care of your brother. 🙂

  2. Leave the shoes, take the jeans! Fab scarf, great jacket, monster sunglasses…you’re SET! I found a photo of you in Italy already HERE:

    • Great photo!

  3. Excellent! I seem to have lost a few pounds and gained a few inches height wise in this picture. I love it! 🙂
    Thanks for the advice.

  4. Have fun!! Si diverta !! Hope you realized the sandals don’t take up much room in the suitcase. 🙂 Gotta have enough shoes.

    • I’m glad someone understands the need for many pairs of shoes . . . my husband doesn’t get it.

  5. Kerrigan:
    Hai fatto bene nella tua descrizione dei piatti varii. In italiano il piatto de Martedi e “pepperoni arrosti, formaggio di mozzarella e pane.” Ora io devo cominciare a reimpere la valice mia. A domani…

    • Ummm, Grazie! A domani! (Gotta keep working on my Italian. And my packing.)
      K 🙂

  6. I miss you already! Signed up to follow your blog and will be checking in. Be safe and have fun!

    • MIss you too! Glad you can follow along.

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