Posted by: jtccitaly | May 22, 2011

A Long Day’s Journey into Night . . . and Day . . . and Night

We have arrived! More or less in one piece. We are all exhausted and bedraggled but we are here! I’ll give you a quick blow by blow on the last couple of days but this may be short since I’m operating on about half a brain cell right now and it could give out at any minute.

We had a picture perfect flight from Richmond to NYC – left on time, beautiful weather and arrived early into JFK. Our first plane was very small.

Happy Travelers at the Richmond Airport

More happy travelers in Richmond

Studying Italian

Not so with our second plane. Our second plane looked as if it ate planes like our first plane for breakfast. It was pretty big – not one of the double deckers, but still big. The second flight was just fine but very long. And pretty much no one slept. We all tried, but it just didn’t really happen.

Bitty Baby Plane

Trying to sleep on the flight

Great big daddy plane!

We arrived on time into Rome, met our charming guide (Dominico?) and got a nice tour of the city on the way to our hotel. It took a while but we eventually got everyone in a room and then headed out to see the Coliseum.

John Tyler meets Dominico

Entering the old city on the bus

Our first hotel in Rome

The Coliseum is just amazing. It’s hard to describe how it feels to walk out of the very modern Metro station and suddenly see this incredible piece of ancient history right there in front of you. We had the unique experience of seeing the Coliseum during a thunderstorm. It rained heavily the entire time we were there. Historically, the Romans would flood the Coliseum to stage elaborate sea battles – I felt almost like I was a part of that spectacle today!

The Coliseum!

Learning about the Coliseum

Slightly Soggy Travelers

Wet and worn out, decided to see the Roman Forum tomorrow and we all headed back to the hotel.

Inside the Coliseum

A view from the top of the Coliseum

I opted to grab a sandwich on my way back and am now typing in my PJ’s and slippers. I’m also eating this incredible dessert. It’s called something like a lobster claw and it’s wonderful. It’s like a chocolate croissant, except the croissant part is a harder pastry shell with many layers and the inside is this goopy melty chocolate. Yum!

That’s what we did. Let me see if I can come up with anything even vaguely profound to say (that brain cell I mentioned is down to about an eighth.) Each city has it’s own feel and Rome is no different. I think it’s a very sexy city – not trashy at all, just chic and flirty. It is also truly the eternal city – the mix of history and modernity is breathtaking. And also, the food is really good.

I think that’s about it – that last bit of brain cell is sputtering out. I’m not sure how long it has been since I’ve slept (I woke up at 6AM richmond time on Saturday morning – it’s now Sunday around 2PM Richmond time – you do the math, I’m too tired! I’m going to upload some pictures and call it a night.





  1. Sounds like you have been slacking off as usual – don’t you think you could have packed a little more in?

    You will love the Roman Forum – my absolute favorite part of Rome. Have fun!

  2. I hope you get some good rest for the weeks to come, have fun!

  3. I hope that everyone enjoys themselves and good luck with the weather!

  4. Love the blog from Italy! Sorry about the soggy conditions at the Coliseum (Beth, you remember the trip when Ed and others were sick—no fun—I’ll take the rain). It’s Sunday at 5:24, so you are probably asleep. Take care and I’ll stay in touch. Sandy

  5. Kerrigan, for a woman on low batteries you sure accomplished a lot with this first post from Italy! I enjoyed the vicarious experience through your camera and words. Looking forward to more.

  6. I meant to tell you, dear, that i borrowed that last brain cell before you left. It’s here in the fridge in Hilton Head. Sorry. Hope you don’t need it.

  7. I remember studying about mock ship battles in the Coliseum…way back in high school Latin class. SO much better than CATS!

    Enjoy the food for all of us…and please give us some Roman fashion tips when you get back. Ciao bella!

  8. Thank you so much for your daily updates & the photos are great! You do a wonderful job on just “a half of a brain cell!” Thanks for sacrificing.

  9. so,really you flew two days on a plane?

    • Pretty much honey! It was a long flight.

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