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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in Rome

It’s been another action packed day in Rome! And I just came back from a wonderful dinner, but in true Italian style, it was over three hours long. So, once again, this may be a rather short somewhat discombobulated entry since it’s already past midnight here.

Today was all about walking. We left the hotel around 9:30AM and walked until about 5:30PM. And I think that I walked more than most for two reasons. First, I am the border collie of the trip, which is to say that I am the people herder. Getting 26 people (plus four extras today from CVCC) to all go in the same direction while in a large city is challenging to say the least. So I’ve been doing laps all day making sure that everyone got where they were supposed to get and we didn’t lose anyone. Which brings me to the number two reason why I did more walking – I got lost. Only briefly. And I did find my way to where we supposed to be; I just took a more scenic route. The five or six students who were with me also got a little extra exercise. Anyway, that’s all really beside the point – let me tell you all the wonderful things that we saw while walking!

We started at the Circus Maximus, which is now just a big open field but it’s really fun to look at it and imagine what the chariot races would have been like (think Nascar, but with weapons and no real rules.)

Learning about the Circus Maximus

We walked by the Teatro Marcellus – an old amphitheater that has been turned into apartments. Which is really a brilliant bit of architecture and a great re-use of a historical building.

Theatre of Marcellus - note the apartments on the top

We then walked up (literally) to the campidoglio and down (literally) to the Forum. It’s all breathtaking. The size and scope of the remaining structures are so incredible – just think what it would have actually been like.

Walking up!

Really BIG statue

Hanging out with Marcus Aurelius

Roman Forum. Wow. Just wow.

We proceeded on to the Trevi fountain (threw in coins), saw Trajan’s victory column and of course the Pantheon.

At the fountain

And this is where the title of this post comes in, for those of you who are wondering. It seems that in preparation for this trip Beth and I have managed to purchase not one, not two, but three virtually identical pairs of pants! (It is obvious that Beth shares my impeccable sense of style and fashion.) So we have been dubbed “the sisterhood of the traveling pants.” I will share with you the first traveling pants picture – more to come throughout our journey!

Traveling pants at the Pantheon (say that three times fast.)

Something about us visiting these huge ancient structures seems to bring on the storms because there was another huge thunderstorm when we were at the Pantheon. Which was just fine with me because the coolest thing in the world is to see the rain come in through the oculist in the top. (Just to set rumors straight, the rain does not evaporate before it reaches the ground – I have pictures of it pattering on the marble floor below.)

The Pantheon. Another wow moment.


Group picture at the Pantheon in the rain!

From there we journeyed on to two incredible Basilicas (blanking on the names just now – Beth, help me out!) and saw some absolutely breathtaking art and sculpture (including a Michelangelo) and walked up to the Spanish steps.

Spanish Steps


So, that’s what we did – let me see if I can come up with anything profound to tell you. Hmmm. Okay, not profound, but here goes. One thing that I think distinguishes Rome from other large cities I have been in is how green it is. Those Romans sure know how to landscape. I love the umbrella pine trees!

Umbrella pines

The art class meets

One more thing and then I’m off to bed. The lights here are different. In the hotel, I mean. When you get your room key (magnetic), you also get another little card. It took me a while stumbling around in the dark to figure out that that other little card went in this slot on the wall. And then, like magic, you can turn on the lights! So if you ever travel to a hotel like this you can impress all your companions by knowing how to turn on the lights.

That’s about all the wisdom I have for now. Thanks for all the wonderful comments – keep them coming! (And honey, I’m going to need that brain cell back . . .)



  1. Hi:

    I see you have done a blood, I mean, cotton sisterhood, while traveling the streets of Rome, so next year you must wear them back to Greece! lol….I can see everybody is having fun, see ya all soon! 🙂

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great time and getting to see so much! Please tell Laurie we miss her and hope she is enjoying this wonderful experience!!

  3. Martin twins at the Trevi Fountain! Naturals those two!

  4. You guys look great! This is quality armchair travel, both the descriptions and the photos. Thanks for the tip about the card for the lights – that’s a new one for me.

  5. love the lights it’s just that why did you not stand by the big statue?

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