Posted by: jtccitaly | June 2, 2011

All Roads Lead to Rome

Yea! We are finally current! No pictures yet, but I should have them up tomorrow (hopefully.)

Today was mostly a travel day, although we did have a lovely stop in Sienna on the way to Rome. No major issues with the bus travel (thankfully). I’m just very happy that I have made it through the major bus travel on this trip on all those windy mountain roads without throwing up (thank you Dramamine.)

We stopped for a few hours in Sienna and it is such a gorgeous town! It’s another one of those hill towns so there was a fair amount up uphill travel, but it was certainly worth it for the views. There is a huge Roman wall at the entrance to the town and you walk through this lovely area to get from the place where the bus parks and the main part of town. The streets are crowded with tourists from all over, and today they were having some kind of festival to celebrate Italian independence so there were all kinds of military vehicles and officers everywhere. My boys would have loved it (Kerrick and Mac, check out some of the pictures once I get them to upload!)

The most striking element in Sienna is the Piazza del Campo. The Campo is majestic and very big! It’s the largest central square that we’ve seen and sports the second highest tower in Italy. Apparently every July, they hold a big horse race around the Campo. That would sure be something to see. Beth and I took a “pants” picture in front of the awesome fountain in the campo.

The Duomo in Sienna is my favorite. It’s an absolutely exquisite church, both inside and out. I love the art on the floors – I tried to take some pictures, but they really don’t do it justice.

And that really is it for today! We got into Rome and settled into the hotel around 6PM so everyone has a chance to have an early night and relax a bit. I’m certainty going to try to get some sleep! We’re all pretty wiped out. I think I’m going to have to sleep for a week straight to catch up when I get back.

Tomorrow we will be visiting the Vatican.


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  1. I can’t wait to see the Vatican pics, especially on the San Pietro plaza, ttyl

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